Griffin Property Group Ltd was founded in 2020 in reaction to the years two major global issues: the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

There was a seismic shift in shopping habits, with the emphasis being forced away from the high street to online. This created unprecedented demand for storage warehousing to facilitate the delivery of goods to households nationwide.

Now that a vaccine against Covid19 is available, there will be a shift back towards high street retailing. However, some of the habits formed during and between lockdowns will remain. More people will now work from home than before; more people will continue shopping online, having realized the benefits of goods such as groceries and clothing being delivered to the door. It saves the time and cost of travelling to shops and stores, and makes people’s lives more efficient. Therefore, the strong demand for storage warehousing will remain.

Griffin has responded by offering to build premises for distribution companies, to their own design and specification. The advantage to the distributors is that they are able to rent or buy bespoke premises tailored to their exact needs in their preferred location, rather than adapt their business to a standard floorplan in a compromise location. Upon completion, the clients have the option to lease or buy the premises from Griffin.

Demand for this service exceeds supply. In line with our stated mission Griffin has identified the opportunity and is delivering the solution.

Griffin Commercial Depot

The governments declared intention to require housebuilders to move toward zero carbon housing was followed by a mandate to move away from heating homes with fossil fuels and embrace green technologies to power new build homes.

Therefore, Griffin’s new build and refurbished commercial and residential developments embrace the government mandate, putting a green policy at the very core of our design and construction modus operandi.

We deliver low carbon, and where possible zero carbon, developments every time we put a spade in the ground.

Aiming for low carbon, and where possible zero carbon, on all developments

Griffin Energy is currently involved in advanced negotiations on becoming an active participant in the burgeoning green energy sector, and is conducting feasibility studies on entering the marketplace both in the UK and EU. Of particular interest are the biodiesel and hydrogen sectors, which offer superb incentives and rewards for companies willing to embrace the Clean-Tech revolution.

Early indications are encouraging and more information is expected to be made available in Q3 2021.

Steven Earlam

Steven Earlam, Managing Director.

A diverse career encompassing engineering, real estate, financial services, and business management, spanning the UK, US and EU.  Formative positions include Senior Recruitment Manager with LBC (Balfour Beatty, Costain, McAlpine) on London’s Jubilee Line Project; Senior Negotiator and Business Development Manager with multi-office UK / International Land & Estates Agencies.

Advisory Team

Professional Consultants
Penrith Farmers and Kidds PLC
Planning & Development,
Agricultural Hall, Skirsgill,
Penrith CA11 0DN

Chartered Accountants
and Chartered Tax Advisers

Howlader & Co.
56 Leman St, London E1 8EU

Security Trustee
Bluewater Capital Ltd.
53 Calthorpe Rd,
Birmingham B15 1TH

Griffin Property Group Ltd has two primary divisions

Griffin Property and Griffin Energy – which operate independently, whilst adhering to the fundamental principles and core values of GPG Ltd.

It is anticipated that both divisions will remain under the GPG umbrella, sharing the same financing structure and stakeholder benefits. Performance reviews will be conducted on an annual basis, and published on this website.

Both divisions are expected to grow organically and expand exponentially, and future strategy will be guided and governed in accordance with performance and profitability.

Griffin Property

Griffin Energy

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